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Professional development starts with certification

Upon completion of the course, each student is given the opportunity to participate in an internship as part of our projects Global Forecasting System and Global Mental System.

Here they can apply their knowledge in practice, deepen their skills, and gain valuable experience. After successfully completing the internship, students receive an official certificate confirming the successful completion of training and preparation for work in this field.

By using platform you will receive:

5 platform courses + 6 new ones annually.


Guidance from curators.


A developing environment of like-minded people in chats.


Group consultations with platform teachers.


Certificates of course completion.


The opportunity to participate in platform projects.


All in one place - telegram bot Arcanum12thBot

This convenient bot offers direct access to all our current courses, allowing you to complete them without the need to download additional applications. Furthermore, it provides access to a variety of tools and materials from our platform, making learning even more effective and convenient.

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